Sunday, October 14, 2007

Greenwich 35, Westhill 13

A spectacular weekend! Once again Bob McMillan and his committee were brilliant organizers. As I said to a young upstart in an earlier post, if you weren't alive and young when "Duke of Earl" was new, you missed the wave.

Greenwich slaughtered Stamford's Vikings only because of the loud, spirited, encouraging exertions of Tom Gorin's Geezer Redcoat Marching Band.

I was stricken with disappointment that Nancy Schmidt, Marianne Lindquist, Nancy Rosan (who was able to explain sex to the rest of us in fifth grade with clarity and accuracy because she came from White Plains), Ann Coulter, Jill McGovern, Jeff Ferris, Susie Atkins, Lise Lotte Gammeltoft, Ken Bennett, Chuck Staelin, Lynda Patrick, Tom Shaw, Guy Carden, Gerry Sherman, and others skipped out. Where the hell is Lanette when you need her? Chuck Hayes, living his life backwards: I really had hoped to catch up on how that project was retrogressing. Susie Lewis: I heard you were there but you eluded me. That was rude.

But it was a great and pleasant surprise to reconnect, however briefly, with those who showed up: David Quattrone (now respectable since he stopped stashing his cigars and Playboys in the woods behind our house), Nancy and Gerry Mack, Tom and Sherry, Judy White, Rob McEnany, Tom Gorin, Jim Johnstone, and a long list of others. Penny Johnston: what a moron I was not to get to know you better 45 years ago! A few looked so great that Janie Benjamin and I decided that they had sent young body doubles to masquerade as them.

Yokwe, Betty Garofalo. Ginger Costas, Rob Shallenberger, and three dozen others lost. But who would have guessed we survivors would have come through the past 45 years so well!
Susie Lewis eluded me. That was rude.